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We  are a Captive Insurance Company Formation & Management firm, who  specifically assist Physicians, CPA's and business owners with risk  management alternatives onshore, using insurance domiciles located in  the United States of America.

We  believe in complete legal compliance when it comes to adhering to the  regulating authorities guidelines as they relate to Captive Management  and Formation. Our client's can rest easy knowing that their paperwork  has been meticulously drafted with precision and care. 

Imagine the possibilities...

Many  captives are overcapitalized since the risk administrator or the CFO  would rather capitalize too much than not enough. We do not encourage  this because excess surplus creates low returns on invested capital  (ROIC). A low ROIC possibly drains financial yield from its parent  corporation. 

A company's use of capital  (captives) regulates whether it makes a financial profit or realizes a  cost. This is termed capital supervision. An economic return is defined  as that amount of investment return in excess of the company's cost of  capital. 

Simply, a company's ROIC should not be  lower than the cost of that capital. Investments include everything the  company invests in or acquires, not just monetary market investments.    

Captives usually do not invest in anything more interesting than the  equities market, so their ROICs might be lower than that earned by their  parent companies. This is acceptable unless its ROIC is lower than its  parent's cost of capital.  

Captives are not industry specific...

Whether  you are a Physician, a Business Owner, a CPA or a Lawyer - and,  provided your company meets the minimum threshold  of annual revenue,  and provided our actuarial consultant agrees, you can engage with us to  begin the process of formation and management. 

If  you are a CPA or trusted financial adviser and have clients that you  think may benefit from this alternative to the main stream risk  management, then, please call us and we will be more than happy to set  up a meeting at your office and explain the process to you in more  detail. 

Assessing Need


Captive Insurance as an Alternate Risk Management Solution

More Coverage at a Lower Price - You Keep the Premium Profits Less Any Claims

If  you are a Physician, a Business Owner or a CPA with clients who are  business owners that pay too much for business insurance, or who don't  have any insurance we have a solution. Our professional staff will  assist you in determining the correct risk mitigation strategy. 

If  your business qualifies then it may be the time to consider self  protection which would drastically reduce their business insurance  costs. The result is a more streamlined strategy of managing risks using  proven legal methods.

A  captive protection company is a  company that protects or re-insures  the risks of its parent company (your business), its affiliates or  certain unrelated entities. It is an alternative to the traditional  market and is a risk management tool that can be designed to meet and/or  assist in meeting the risk management needs of its owners or members.


There are numerous reasons to form a captive. 

Some  of the most common are: · Reduced costs based on a company’s own  historical loss experience · Stabilized pricing with a more consistent  year-over-year premium cost · Freedom to protect against most business  related risks and to customize the terms and conditions of its policies ·  Direct access to reinsurance markets that have fewer regulatory  barriers and can provide coverage at a lower cost. · Capture  underwriting profit.   

If  you are a CPA then some of your clients may be good candidates to form a  captive, if their business has a good loss record and risk management  practices, the ability to finance their own exposure, or unusual or  hard-to-place risks. 

Your clients will be very happy that you suggested it as their trusted financial advisor.

Building Relationships

Everyone has different insurance needs. Call us today for a free personalized business  assessment and find out how we can help protect your hard-won assets.


Imagine owning your own Insurance Company

What's  exciting about this is the fact that you have full control of your  insurance funds in your own Insurance Company bank account, when  collaborating with a professional Captive Insurance Company Formation  and Management Service Provider such as Captive Synergy LLC.

When you decide to make the next move choose Captive  Insurance Company Formation and Management experts in alternative risk management solutions as backed by qualified actuaries. 

When  utilizing these types of alternative risk management solutions these  funds are not invested with another company or offshore, they remain in  the United States onshore and safely within your control.

Our Team

Dr. José Cross


Dr.  José Cross learned early on about the power of words and action – that  it’s not what you say, but how you say it and when you say it, and what  you do that makes the difference between success and failure in growing a  business quickly.  Dr. Cross learned how to connect with clients at the  deepest level to earn their trust and influence, and as a result has  brought in more than $50 million in sales in the past 5 years alone.   Dr. Cross not only mentors some of the most successful and influential  entrepreneurs and business owners in numerous industries, but she  accelerates their business productivity through a strategic system of  leadership.  

Dr. Cross is passionate about winning and is great at what she does. She is happily married and is a proud mother of two girls.

She  is the author of Business is Booming in which she discusses the 7  Powerful Keys to Unlocking Trust & Growing your Business. As a  mentor, consultant and speaker on what it takes to cultivate authentic  client connections that result in tremendous business growth and  success, Dr. Cross operates throughout North America, Europe and Africa,  and is based in Texas, United States. 

Dr.  Cross spent more than six years researching the key character traits of  successful entrepreneurs that earned her a Doctoral Degree in Business  Administration (DBA) from the University of Southern Queensland,  Australia.  

Dr.  Cross's research helped her better understand what works for these  successful business owners, what doesn’t work and why, and she now uses  these valuable insights to help other business owners to model the best  entrepreneurial traits and behaviors so as to avoid the pitfalls.  

Dr. Cross has worked with large multinational organizations including the United Nations and Ericsson to name a few.  

Dr.  Cross prior to completing her Doctorate graduated with a Masters Degree  in Business Administration (MBA) from Bond University Australia, and  she is a certified Chartered Marketer with the Charted Institute of  Marketers (UK), a Certified Professional Coach, Elite LifeCoach, a  Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Coach and a John Maxwell  certified team member. 

Dr.  Cross is passionate about empowering people to be independent and to  have the freedom to design the life that they really want and to be able  to enjoy success in every area of their lives.  And most of all, to  have fun while doing it! 

Dr. Cross now also forms and manages Captive Insurance Companies  for those that are eager to get to grips with harnessing the gain  afforded by developing true risk management strategies when self  insuring their businesses. 

Andrew Cross


Andrew Cross comes from a legal and aviation background and has over 20 years of experience in the following areas: 

Trial Advocacy; Human Resource  Management; Industrial Relations Consulting on Labor Issues &  Collective Bargaining; Drafting Employment Contracts; Drafting and  Implementation of Company Policy & Procedure Manuals; Representation  at Mediation & Arbitration in Workplace Disputes; Handling of Lay  Offs & Company Grievances; Business debt recovery; Skip Tracing;  Process serving; Acquisition & Enforcement of Judgments; Corporate  Traffic Offense Administration & Defense; Landlord & Tenant  Representation; Representation at the Ontario Labor Relations Board;  Small Claims Court Representation; ARB - Assessment Review Board for  Property Taxes; Summary Criminal Matters; Bail Applications and Young  Offenders Representation for Summary Criminal Matters

Andrew has management experience  in all business and legal issues related to the running of a legal  practice and advising clients. Andrew has supported small businesses and  public organizations with their business and legal matters, with the  greatest of client satisfaction and unparalleled service excellence.

Andrew has dealt with business and legal issues in a manner which is  predictable, consistent and fair, recognizing that it is essential to  implement corporate policies and procedures which can be understood,  followed and adhered to by all employees, and by suppliers and debtors  respectively.  Andrew works  with some of their Legal Counsel on various litigation matters. Andrew  is responsible for the drafting and implementation of all Captive  Contracts and Captive Insurance Policy Language to ensure legal  compliance with State Regulatory Authorities.  Graduated with a Bachelor Degree Magna Cum Laude from the California University of Pennsylvania and is currently completing a Master of Business Administration in Business Analytics. 

Rob Rainey


Rob  is our Chief Financial Officer and he has extensive international  expertise as a chief financial officer/director and has previously held  chief executive positions in publicly traded listed corporations focused  on creating shareholder value and optimizing cash flow. He has a well  rounded depth of knowledge in fund raising (debt and equity), IPO and  continuing listing requirements, M&A activities, change management  and strategic modelling at corporate, country, industry and business  unit levels across a range of industrial sectors including mining, oil  & gas, renewable energy, FMCG and commodities trading.

Rob's  key expertise include in financial management, GAAP / IFRAS / IAS,  corporate governance, public listing and continuing compliance  requirements, treasury management, due diligence, budget management /  performance, capital project control and implementation, joint ventures,  organic growth and turnaround, purchasing/contract negotiation,  auditing, and listed public company reporting in a number of  jurisdictions/exchanges. 

In  regard to the insurance industry Rob was the auditor of Commercial  Union Insurance company for ten years and the Chief Financial Officer of  Munich Re-Insurance for 3 years both of which complied with US GAAP and  IFRAS and the differences between them for insurance companies and US  listed public companies.   

His exposure to US compliance and GAAP started in 1974 with the audit of Unilever and Black Rock   

Rob  has held extremely senior positions as Director and CFO of companies  listed on the Toronto stock exchange requiring compliance with SEC  requirements under the joint arrangements between Canada and the US and  he has a lot of exposure to US investor requirements under SEC rules.  

Prior  to joining Captive Synergy LLC Rob has held the position of Senior Vice  President  (Director & CFO) Energem Resources which was a London  and Toronto stock exchange listed company. He was also the Chairman of  Wesizwe Platinum listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) where  he turned a platinum exploration ‘prospect’ into an $870m development.

Rob  was additionally CFO and Vice President of Southern Era Resources Inc.  which was listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange holding Platinum, diamond  and Gold assets in Canada, Africa and Australia. It was here that Rob    negotiated a highly complex, technical, 10 year, price guaranteed,  Platinum ‘off take’ agreement with the Motor manufacturer Ford in  Detroit. This brief history is not exhaustive but demonstrates Rob's  years of professional expertise across many industries, lined with  success story after success story.

Consequently, we are extremely honored to have Rob as our Chief Financial Officer.

Captive  Synergy LLC trusts Rob to attend to our financial matters because  he  is fully acquainted with insurance compliance and reporting requirements  including under the SEC, certain State rules including New York and  California, and the Sarbanes Oxley and Frank Dodd rules. 

Our clients can rest easy knowing that Rob is looking out for their best interests.

Looking ahead so that we are protected.

Our Legal Counsel


Noel Daley was first licensed as an attorney in 1982, and has been successfully practicing for the past thirty five (35) years. 

Noel  uses his North American network of legal and investigation experts in  advising our company on strategic legal issues as they relate to the  formation and management of our clients' Captive Insurance Companies.

We  utilize Noel because he is a man of integrity and he has the knowledge  and resources to develop solutions that meet our business needs, and, he  represents our interests whilst upholding ethical values that are  beyond reproach. 

His  success driven methodology takes our company's as well as the  individual needs and goals of our Captive clients' into account. 

Trust, honor, reliability, dedication and integrity are all words that can be associated with Noel Daley Esq.

Fraus hominum ad perniciem, et integritas ad salutem vocat.

         Deceit summons danger and honesty brings safety. 


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